Dishwasher Repair

Call the dishwasher experts at Alpha Appliance for fast, reliable and friendly service! You’ll like the tech and the price, too.

Do you hate doing the dishes? Who doesn’t! If your kitchen sink starts to look like a big pile of dirty dishes and utensils that is ready to crumble, while your dishwasher plays “dead”, you need to make the call. Call Alpha’s technicians to fix (almost resurrect) your dishwasher to its “live and well” state. That’s how, you will be free from this miserable chore and back to your “happy, no dishes to wash today” state. We come ready to cure your dishwasher from a range of ailments including not cleaning and/or drying the dishes, not starting, not completing the cycle, water leaking on the floor or not draining, door not latching properly or falling down, error codes or noises, plus other problems that your older or newer model dishwasher may incur.


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